The human experiences of remembering and dreaming act as a sensory link between us all. Like a Polaroid picture developing in reverse, our memories and dreams fade away no matter how fiercely we cling to them. My paintings are attempts at capturing those sensations - a hopeful fly-paper for the elusive magical cobweb residue found in the moment after waking up from a sweet dream. A glittery, colorful, bejeweled space where language slips away and symbols bubble up to the surface, revealing partial narratives and whispered meanings. In my most recent work I use the hand as a recurring element, which is simultaneously specific and anonymous all at once. As a vehicle for emotion, memory and dream, the hand becomes a perfect carrier for the messages I hope to convey in my paintings. The sound of a painting is in emotion, and my desire is to give the viewer a soundtrack for moments of wonder. Wet grass under bare feet in the light of dusk with bobbing, sparkling fire flies batting around your head. Soul stirring beauty is my North star, and the medium that I choose is rooted in a painterly process. Experimentation should match the revelry I hope to give to my viewer. Bold color, patterned ornamentation, matte fields, glossy sprays, sparkly scatters, dirty smears, gossamer textures, and pooled paint are all my love languages. Through these tools, I hope to express the fleeting bliss of a disappearing dream or memory for a thirsty audience.